Wednesday, 18 November 2015 00:00


Amazing images of Nazaré, proving that it’s much more than just a big wave spot.



Few days ago, and before the last big swell, all Portuguese Coast was dead boring flat, well... all except one place. That day in Naza started with a phone call, 100 miles down the road and a crew with no expectations.


Máquina Voadora has been working with pro-surfer Pedro Boonman for a while now, “mostly doing experimental drone angles and exploring possibilities from the air during his free surf sessions, he's the kind of guy that is always up for a challenge and we like that, one time he even jumped from a cliff because we thought it would give a nice drone shot (it sucked). This clip features some of our new angles, unfortunately we missed Boonman's best waves during this session, but next time there's a flat forecast, we'll be there. After all Naza is not just about Giants.”

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