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Highlights of the Rip Curl GromSearch at Kuta

High quality surf from the future stars.



And so it went at the dream factory known as the 2015 Rip Curl GromSearch held at Seger Beach, Kuta, Lombok in 3-4 foot glassy conditions. “I just got back from the contest site” said Rip Curl’s Pete Matthews after returning from a pre-dawn surf check, “It feels like a WCT down there!”.




Girls Division:

1st: Taina Isquerdo (15.50)

2nd: Cinta hANSEL (14.45)

3rd: Dea Natasia ( 11.95 )

4th: Kailani Johnson ( 9.55 )


Boys Under 12's

1st: Ben Benson (20.35)

2nd: Kona Eru (15.35)

3rd: Made Fajar (12.15)

4th: Elli (10.85)


Boys Under 14's

1st: Dhanny Widianto ( 25.45 )

2nd: Tenshi Ishi ( 17.75 )

3rd: Ryuki ( 14.10)

4th: Bronson ( 13.35)


Boys Under 16's

1st; Raju Sena (20.25)

2nd: Rio Waida (17.6)

3rd: Ketut Agus (14.2)

4th: Selamat Kamadi (10.4)

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