Friday, 06 March 2015 00:00

SearchGPS Watch: Rip Curl Asia Team Keramas Challenge

For the first time in surfing, we now have the chance to benchmark our team’s performances in the water with actual data recorded on the Revolutionary Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch.



The Rip Curl Asia team upped the ante during free surfing this week in the SearchGPS Keramas Challenge. Check out how Garut Widiarta, Pepen Hendrik, Putra Hermawan, Dharmaputra Tonjo and Dedi Gun fared across a range of metrics - speed, wave count, ride length, distance paddled, and more.


Do you want to be part of a surfing revolution? Prepare to Join The Search.


Footage: From The Wood Productions 

Music: Glow In The Dark

Track: Jet 'Rocket' Spaceship!

Songs by: Darling Pet Monkey

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