Wednesday, 21 June 2017 23:50

Tube School is in session for Garut Widiarta and Pepen Hendrik

Garut Widiarta is facing his biggest test of the year: the Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang.


Show up unprepared against the world’s best barrel hunters at the Balinese Pipeline and you’re guaranteed to fail. But Garut is no C-student. He’s the 2014 Rip Curl Cup Champion, with a near perfect attendance record at Padang when the place is going off. Problem is, Padang doesn’t break nearly as often as we’d all like. So where could Garut find some tube school in session?

Like any diligent student, Garut enlisted a study buddy: longtime Bali pro Pepen Hendrik. From Nias to Sumba, and everywhere in between, Pepen has mastered every Indonesian reefbreak under the sun. Even with minimal swell, Pepen knew where he and Garut could go for a pencil-sharpening practice exam somewhere in Java. By the looks of their study sessions, don’t be surprised if all that hard work translates into a second Rip Curl Cup for Garut. Who knew studying could be so fun?

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