Tuesday, 16 August 2016 12:26

The Search Episode Twelve - Tempat Boyum Ini

When the WSL J'Bay Open finished, World Number 1 Matt Wilkinson and World Number 3 Gabriel Medina decided they needed some warm water swell action.



With plenty of swell flooding the waters around the Equator, the guys fled to join Garut Widiarta for some freight train left-handers.

....does it matter if you are not the first to surf a place if it’s pumping, and there’s someone else already there when you arrive? This would be the case for Matt Wilkinson and Gabriel Medina in their brief-yet-welcome downtime between stints in J-Bay and Teahupo’o. The world number one and three decided they wanted a piece of the warm water swell action that has been flooding waters around the Equator this year and flew from Africa to Asia, destination hooting lefts; surf camp and others waiting and all.
Collecting fellow goofyfoot ninja Garut Widiarta along the way, the trio dusted off the spirit of The Search and boarded a boat, like those original surfers in 1972, with no plan beyond getting tubed, laying some rail, playing some pong, and unwinding at night with a few beers and plenty of laughs.

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