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Monday, 29 February 2016 17:50

Top surfers about to open Balter brewery on the Gold Coast

Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge and Josh Kerr...


Just days after Mick Fanning announced he would take a break from surfing, he and fellow top surfers Joel Parkinson and Bede Durbidge have given 9NEWS a tour of their boutique Gold Coast brewery ahead of its opening.

The Balter brewery counts Fanning, Durbidge, Parkinson and fellow surfer Josh Kerr among its shareholders, and perhaps even its bartenders, according to Fanning.
"We've all got our RSAs and we're going to be behind the bar and talk stories and, yeah, we'll just float in and it'll be fun," he told 9NEWS.

Durbidge said he came up with the idea of starting a brewery while on tour.
"Just went from that, from having an idea to sitting down with the other boys on tour and starting up this company, Balter," he said.
The beers will be crafted by internationally award-winning head brewer, Scott Hargrave.
"When I watch someone else have a smile on their face because they've drunk one of my beers, that beer's probably my favourite beer," Hargrave said.

Parkinson hinted that the brewery may make an ideal retirement plan.
"I've been lucky enough to have surfing as a job for the last 15 years, and then if I'm involved in making beer for the next 15 I'll be happy," he said.
The brewery will open in Currumbin on the Gold Coast this April, with Balter beers to be sold at other selected Gold Coast pubs from next month.

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