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Thursday, 26 January 2017 18:32


Dewa Oka is entering his sixth year with Rip Curl South East Asia.


Rip Curl South East Asia happy to announce the re-signing of the National Skateboarder, Dewa Oka.

Dewa Oka is entering his sixth year with Rip Curl South East Asia. This 20 year old Balinese native is still the craziest skater on the island and the best profesionnal skate athlete in Indonesia. As surfing becomes more popular, skating becomes a way for many to surf when there are no waves. This gifted skater from Negara has skills for days taking normal skateboarding to a new level. Dewa is known for his huge tricks weather that’s jumping down massive stairs or ollieing huge gaps Dewa has the full package.

“I’m super happy to continue to be part of the Rip Curl team” commented Dewa. “Rip Curl is like a family to me now as they have supported me since I was 14 years old. I am looking forward to pushing my Skateing to the next level over the coming year, putting together some new video projects and going on the Search to new places”.

Rip Curl South East Asia Team Manager, Dylan Amar commented, “Dewa is an inspiration to many young riders out there in the Indo skate community, his humble attitude and big tricks has gained him massive respect. Were looking forward to working closely with Dewa over the coming years to provide him with all he needs while he travels the region doing his own trips as well as the major Skate events in South East Asia”.

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