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Friday, 28 October 2016 11:34

Golden Bingin - Fantastic Finish for the Hurley Bingin Open 2016

The 3rd annual Hurley Bingin Open 2016, organized and run by the Bingin Boardriders was just completed with over 200 international and local athletes competing in 6 division...


... Under 14, Under 16, Women’s, Master’s, Pro Junior and Open. The event had a one-week waiting period but needed only 3 day to run.
On Sunday the 16th the Under 14 and Under 16 divisions were run in fun 2-3ft waves, perfect for the groms, with Ryuki Waida winning the Under 14’s and Ari Lana winning the Under 16’s.
Under 14
1.  Ryuki Waida
2.  Bronson Meidi
3.  Dani Widianto
4.  Varun Tandjung
Under 16
1. Ari Lana
2. Tenshi Ishii
3. Made Toska
4. Susila Anderson
Since the forecast was that there would only be swell on Monday and Tuesday, the call was to standby on Monday and try to run the Pro Junior, Women and Master Divisions, but due to the wave conditions and time limit, only the Women’s Division was completed.
1. Cinta Hansel
2. Kailani Johnson
3. Giada Legati
4. Marie Mae Seureau
Tuesday ended up being the final day with a 7am start in 3-4 ft classic Bingin conditions.  All the boys were really amped up to win as there was a free trip to the Mentawai Islands with Seabourn Surf Charters up for grabs for the winners of the Open and Pro Junior Division. There were a few slow heats because of the full tide, but when the tide started dropping the waves just got better and better. In the final of Pro Junior Division it was local Tommy Sobri showing his superior knowledge and earning first a 10 point (perfect) score and adding another almost perfect 9.87 score to leave his fellow competitor far behind. The Open Division final was nerve wracking one, as at the start of the final there were plenty of sets but with 15 minutes left the ocean went flat in a very close heat between all the finalists.  Luckily Raditya Rondi had priority and at the last minute got a wave and ended the day with style as the winner.
1. Raditya Rondi
2. Mega Semadhi
3. Celepuk
4. Betet Merta
1.  Gobleg Suyadnya
2.  Tommy Barrel
3.  Nyoman Pill
4.  Richie Dianta
Pro Junior
1.  Tommy Sobri
2.  Mega Artana
3.  Riman Jayadi
4.  Kayu Vianna

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  • Photo credit: Bingin Board Riders

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