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Friday, 26 December 2014 00:00


The world champion was received at Brasilia by an enthusiastic crowd.



There are no doubts: Gabriel Medina is the new national hero in Brazil. After becoming the country’s first world champion, the 21 year old returned home this tuesday and got quite the reception. Betwenn “champion” cheers from fans and friends, Gabi forced the local police to escort him outside the airport in Guarulhos, Brasilia. 


The euphoria surrounding him is such that in his hometown of São Sebastião, Gabriel will have a statue in the neighborhood where he was born. Some have compared him to Formula 1 legend Airton Senna, and he doesn’t mind the comparison. “It’s an honor to be compared to one of my idols. Some say we have similar personalities, cold and focused.” 


Gabriel’s goals for the future are to stay on top, and one day beat the 11 world title record of Kell Slater. “But there is still much ground to cover…”, he says.

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