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Friday, 05 February 2016 00:00


The International Surfing Association (ISA) has welcomed the Sierra Leone Surfing Association (SLSA) as its newest Member Federation, further driving the global expansion of the sport, particularly on the African continent.



With innovation and youthful energy at its core, Surfing has a unique ability to connect with young people around the world. The ISA is committed to continuing the rapid growth of Surfing by providing more opportunities and better access to equipment and facilities for young people. As Surfing continues on its path towards Olympic inclusion, the sport's consistent growth and reach amongst young people will continue to underpin the ISA's strategy for global development.


A newly founded body, the SLSA is situated at the Bureh Beach Surf Club on the west coast of the country - a central hub for Surfing in Sierra Leone. The club offers surf lessons and board rentals to aspiring surfers with 100% of proceeds being used to develop the local community and employ local staff. The Association has also set up a Junior Surfers Programme aimed at providing young surfers with special training and educational support away from the waves.


During 2016 the Sierra Leone Surfing Association aims to: 

- Implement proper structure and organisation for Surfing in Sierra Leone
- Organise the first ever Sierra Leone Surfing Championship
- Increase the number of surfers and the availability of surf training in Sierra Leone
- Explore other surfing areas across the country and spread the sport in these places
- Gain recognition from the government and National Tourism Board to help grow the federation and develop the sport nationwide


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