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Know all about this organization on this interview


As an island nation with the second longest coastline in the world after Canada , Indonesia has innumerable surf spots. Some spots are famous worldwide, as Bali , Mentawai , and G - Land . Most of the others are still waiting for the surfers to find them. One of them is Pacitan.


Pacitan meruapakan has some of the most beautiful beaches and surf spots along the south of the island of Java. The beaches suitable for surfing include the surf beach teleng Ria, Pancer Srau, and Watu sacks. Currently in Pacitan local surfers have started membenrk sebuak surfing community. Want to know more? Waves Hunters interview follows below.


Hi , What is the name of your surfing community?
The name of our community PSC (Pacitan Surf Club).


So when and how did this community started?
We started up in 2001, we gathered on the beach with friends, we saw all the westerners surfing, and became interested in trying to surf, and then we set up an organization with the name of the PSC (Pacitan Surf Club) .


Why did you create this organization ?
Because we hoped that with the organization it would be easier for us to coordinate with fellow local surfers.


What are Pacitan Surf Club's goals ?
We hope that have some form of recognition of the local government as well as from stakeholders, both in Pacitan or that outside Pacitan . And also to become legally able to carry out a surfing contest.


Where is your favorite surf spot ?
Our favorite waves are in Pancer.


What can you say about Pacitan ?
Pacitan is a hidden paradise for a surfing town like Jawa.Pacitan is safe, comfortable and not so busy, very calm.


By the way there is a myth about the southern ocean , what is it ?
We don't believe in myths, we just respect them.


What is your message to the Indonesian ?
If you do not want to stress , go surifng because it will make your mind calm.




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