Dede Suryana in his favourite Shaper room. Click by Surftotal Dede Suryana in his favourite Shaper room. Click by Surftotal

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 23:37

Mister Dede Suryana talks about his A.S.C 2016 tittle

We interview Dede Suryana, one of the best Indonesian surfers of all times. He was crowned Asian Surfing Champion 2016.


This year 2016, was probably the most competitive year of A.S.C. (Asian Surfing Championships) and Dede Suryana, one of the most International Indonesian surfers was the Champion.

Lets check what Dede Suryana have to say:

Surftotal: Dede congratulations for your tittle. Its been a real pleasure observe your achievements.
Dede Suryana: Terimakasih Banyak

Tell us, why is important for you win the ASC tittle? What can improve your life as a surfer and as a person?
To Win the ASC title it was my goal. And when i get the tittle this year its like dream come true. I also want to prove that i still can do it .

This tittle had a different taste comparing with the one on 2014? If yes why?

This year 2016 was more difficult because there were more international competitor from WSL.  ASC and WSL put the event together.

You are a professional surfer and everybody can say that you are a model to the younger generations! Which were the main circumstances in life that made you and also helped you to become a real professional surfer?

Support from my people and attitude

What means the word discipline to you?

Discipline is target and commitment to get a Goal.

*Dede Suryana have a powerfull surf, and beautifull line. Click by Surftotal

Surf is a very fun sport and lifestyle, how do you see it nowadays in the indonesian society, comparing with 10 years ago?
Now more Indonesian like outdoor sport and they know surfing is one of the sport that is a challenge for them,...the waves, beaches and the positive energy of the ocean and the life style of the Surfers. Surf is the best.

Dede let us know about your gear, which are the main boards that you use? And decks and leashes?
Luke Studer Surfboard 5'6 .18 3/16 .2 1/8  any decks pad are welcome also leash.Looking for new sponsor for deck and leashes...hahahah

Your favourite trips this year?

I love Mentawai trip

Describe us how to be a professional surfer and a father ? Things became more serious?
Surfing as much  as i can,attitude, and win competition,focus, target and opportunity. As a father and leader for my family i have big responsibility for my family and my sponsors.

A message to the indonesian people ?
Try Surfing , Enjoy the Ocean Keep Beach Clean and No littering.Save the world please!

Dede and his wife. Family is definitely one of the top priorities for Dede.

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