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Monday, 07 March 2016 04:15


 Betet Merta a Indonesian / Balinese Surfer let us know a bit more of his Hawaian experience...

Betet Merta is one of the biggest surf Characters in Bali, Indonesia,.... he’s a sociable and friendly guy, he's a awesome surfer and amazing surf guide… well, just good things to say about Betet... as Balinese people use to call him… "The Guy".

Surftotal know Betet is also a traveler, which for sure have been helping him improve as a person and as a surfer. He was nice with us and took some time for a small interview about his last surf experience, in Hawaii.

"Of course his Focus is in Indonesia  and one of Betet's dream, this year, is get an invitation to compete in the Rip Curl Padang Cup…" “Good luck Bro”


Surftotal: Betet we heard that you’ve been making some incursions to Hawaii. Is that right? What’s happening in Hawaii that attracts you so much?

Betet: Hawaii is amazing; I have a great time with all the RVCA crew, my Hawaiian brothers and friends from around the world. We hang out, surf and have a good time too. The waves are different in Hawaii, they are heavy. You need a bigger board every time you surf.

*The waves are much heavier in North Shore of Hawai. Betet pulling in at Backdoor.

Bali and Honolulu in Hawaii are maybe the two most famous surf islands in the world. What are the similarities and also the biggest differences between them?

Hawaii is like ‘Hollywood’ Surfing, everyone is there, all the pros are there to get the shot. The RCVA aloha house I stayed at, is right in the front of ‘Off The Wall’ wave, pretty much surf that area everyday and watch all the pros get barrels.

*Betet with his good friend Bruce Irons and other famous people.

Your favorite wave in Bali? And in Indonesia?

Favourite wave in Bali – Keramas, Padang Padang and Canggu....Favorite in Indonesia – Desert Point and Pacitan

your favorite wave in Hawaii? Why?

Favourite wave in Hawaii – Back Door. You can get the best barrel of your life

*Betet barreling at Backdoor / RVCA


what have you been doing lately? Any new projects?

Working for RCVA Indonesia over here and whenever the crew coming over to Bali, I take them surfing and show them a good time. 


Any last message for the Ocean and Surf Lovers?

Keep the beach clean and keep surfing.

One last question, what if suddenly you're invited for the Rip Curl Padang Cup 2016? What would you say to them?

If I get invited I would be so stoked because it's the biggest contest and the best wave pretty much in the world, and all my friends are in the competition.

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