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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 00:00


We interviewed Ivona Puspita and Dylan from Rip Curl Indonesia.


Rip Curl is strongly implemented in Indonesia, and for that reason a majo player on the local surf industry. But also in all of the Southeast Asian region. We asked some questions to the brand's local Brand Manager, Ivona Puspita, that teamed up with Riders Manager, Dylan, to answer them. Here's what they had to say.

What's the importance for an Indonesian surfer to represent Rip Curl? 

It's important for Rip Curl for South East Asia region, as the Ultimate surfing company, we also want to be a part of the local community and push the boundaries by supporting Indonesian surfers to become pro surfers.  


A Rip Curl Surfer is like an ambassador for the brand. Which are the main features that a surfer must has to be sponsored by a brand like Rip Curl, in Indonesia? 

Because Rip Curl or other big brands have connection everywhere, so when they travel to other country some one will look after them.  


The sport of surfing is growing world wide. It's a fact. According to your experience, is that happening also in Indonesia?

It's growing slowly but still not growing like in other countries, I think because most of Indonesian cities don't have surfing spots. 


Can a Indonesian surfer sponsored by Rip Curl, influence the mass market that buys surf clothes in Indonesia? Can you give us a concrete example?

We tryed last year with Oney Anwar modeling the Mirage Boardshorts, and most of the buyer still were not Indonesian. This is also the result that not many spot of surfing in Indonesia spread evenly, some of the spot were located in remote islands like the Mentawais or Rotes, or even in other tiny islands spots that still not discover yet. Remember Indonesia is an islands nation, it's so big these islands spread from west to east with different culture and people, means its a challenge for Rip Curl as a brand to influence the surf culture...   


We know that Indonesian professional surfers have difficulties on competing abroad, because OF two main factors, it's expensive, and the difficulties on getting a visa. As a surf brand manager,  what is the solution for a Indonesian surfer that wants to make the WSL Qualifying main competitions? 

It's a hard question, but if we want we need to have more WSL Series in our Region and a minimum to have 2 Six Star WSL events and one Prime (now QS10000) event in our Region. So that means we need all the stake holders to support these WSL event in our Region. From that we will get more surfers to join the event and we will see some one will qualify the WSL. This is what happened in Brazil, Australia and Hawaii. 


When we will have an Indonesian World Surf Champion? 

If it will be happen it will be another 6 to 9 years from now, the next generation (Ketut Agus, Andre Anwar, Rio Waida, Raju Sena, Mega Artana, Kona Eru, Fajar, Bronson Meidi, Dhanny Widianto, Ryuki) we have the talent they need the support from everyone to qualify first. 

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