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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 20:58

Expression Session Slated for today at Rip Curl Cup Padang-Padang!

Stay alert for some action!

With a medium sized swell on the approach, Rip Curl will give the competitors a chance to warm up in an Expression Session today from 12 noon until dark if Padang-Padang cooperates as expected. 

The swell direction currently looks to becoming from too much a southerly direction, not likely to meet the right criteria for the main event, so an Expression Session has been scheduled to give the surfers a chance to get out and have some fun in the meantime. 

"Padang likes a lot of west in the swell to keep the barrels open and this swell has a lot of south in it, so its a perfect warm-up swell." says Rip Curl pro Garut Widiarta “This event is about having the best conditions and that’s what we plan on waiting for. The bar was set high from the trials and we are looking to get better conditions than that,” he added.Rip Curl will give everyone a chance to free surf until noon, and than the competitors will be split into small heats to surf second half of the day free of any other surfers in the waterLook for surfers like Rizal Tanjung, Made “Bol” Adi Putra, Chris Ward, Flynn Novak, Bethany Hamilton, Bruno Santos, Garut Widiarta, Pepen Hendrik and the others getting a chance to enjoy Padang-Padang, and you’re sure to see some exciting action at Bali’s version of the Banzai Pipeline. Surfline, the official Rip Curl Cup swell forecaster, is watching a large Indian Ocean ground swell forming for a possible July 17th running of the Rip Curl Cup 2014. 

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